Our engineer, David Whitcomb, is a life-long musician and audio-enthusiast. He received his degree in Audio Recording from Columbia College Chicago in 1999, where he also had the privilege to participate in a summer-long Audio Engineering Seminar with the legendary, late/ great Malcolm Chisholm of Chess Records.

Upon graduation, he interned and assisted at Rax Trax Recording, Chicago under the tutelage of (the very cool) Rick Barnes. Since then, he has engineered at various recording studios, as well as doing live sound at a number of venues around the Chicago area.

Dave has combined all of this experience, education, training, and knowledge (along with his extensive DIY background) to create Stray Dog Recording Company, originally established in his basement way back in 2004.

Dave is pretty smart. What he has created is a no-frills, bang-for-the-buck recording environment: Skimping on fancy-pants aesthetics, and focusing on the essentials for providing a professional service and product, while keeping our rates incredibly affordable.

To this end, Dave (a self-proclaimed "Cowboy Electronics Technician/ Walking Fire Hazard") modifies and rebuilds microphones, microphone preamplifiers, and other equipment: Sometimes swapping out transformers, capacitors, transistors, and other 'stock' components with higher-quality 'audiophile' components, sometimes completely gutting and rebuilding less-expensive gear to perform at the level of extremely high-end (VERY EXPENSIVE) "boutique" gear. He also works on guitars and builds his own tube amplifiers.

On the digital side, We use beyond-industry-standard, top-of-the line stuff: Apogee converters, super-stable C777 clocking, Mac / Apogee X-Symphony system, superior recording software, and high-end signal processing. All audio is recorded at 192 kHz, 32 bit Float-Point precision.

Being a musician as well as an engineer, Dave has seen the recording process from "both sides of the glass". He understands which side of the microphone the "art" happens on. He utilizes his skills to act as a conduit between the artist and the technical stuff, seeking to provide a comfortable, productive, creative atmosphere, allowing our clients to get their best performances: Which is the most important part of a great recording.

Dave is very easy to get along with. He doesn't try to dominate or "take over" your project. He tries to understand the goals you are trying to achieve, offering assistance and advise to help you achieve them. He can adapt to work in many ways that are most comfortable for you, and best suited for your project.

We have an incredibly high satisfaction rate in our services and product. We always follow up with our clients after the completion of a project to make sure they are 100% happy with our work. We regularly get responses like: "We couldn't be happier", "We had an awesome time working with you", and "We can't wait to come back".

When was the last time you've heard people say they had an "awesome time" during a recording session: a generally sterile, toiling, harrowing ordeal?

Many/ most of our clients do return when they are ready to record another project. We pride ourselves on the level of repeat-business that comes our way, maintaining our business primarily through word-of-mouth, and referrals from our happy clients.

Please consider us for your next recording project. We look forward to hearing from you with any inquiries or questions you may have!!


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